By using the “Open Mic” recording feature in this app, you agree to give Digio Strategies, and all radio stations owned and operated by Digio Strategies, permission to use of your name, likeness, voice, or any other representation for use in on-air promotions, television, signage, digital, social media, or any other form without compensation. For minors under the age of 18, parent or guardian permission is required. Digio Strategies reserves the right to remove or refuse the use of any recording herein submitted by any party. All entrants/participants agree to hold New South Radio, Inc. (dba Digio Strategies, WJKK-FM, WUSJ-FM, WYOY-FM, WIIN-AM, WHJT-FM, and/or WHJT-HD2) harmless and without liability for such publication, broadcast or use.