General Contest Rules

Specific contests may have more specific or additional rules, or for specific contests, the rules below may be altered. By participating in a contest, you agree to be bound by the official contest rules, including, but not limited to, these general contest rules.

    1. New South Radio, Inc. gives away lots of prizes! Winners must be at least 18 years old unless otherwise specified.
    2. Prizes may be awarded to listeners who call and/or text at the appropriate time, depending on specific contest requirements.
    3. New South Radio, Inc. is not responsible for phone or internet troubles, disconnections, etc.
    4. New South Radio, Inc. may also give away prizes through judging, voting, or random drawings, via email, social media, text line, or any other possible methods.
    5. New South Radio, Inc. is not responsible for any malfunctions of any devices.
    6. Prizes must be picked up at the New South Radio, Inc. studios at 265 Highpoint Drive, Ridgeland, MS 39157 within 10 business days of winning, or the prize may be forfeited.
    7. Winners are responsible for all city, state, or federal taxes on prizes that meet municipal, state or federal requirements. New South Radio, Inc. will provide a form 1099 to winners who win $600 or more in prize value.
    8. Winners must show government issued photo ID when picking up any prize.
    9. Winner agrees to give New South Radio, Inc. permission to use of their name, likeness, voice or any other representation for use in on-air promotions, television, signage, digital, social media, or any other form. For minors under the age of 18, parent or guardian permission is required.
    10. Cash prizes will be awarded via check. Winner will have 10 business days from the date they receive notification that the check is available for pick up.
    11. Checks may take up to 3 weeks before available for pick up. Winner will be notified when the check is available for pick up, or will be notified that it will be mailed via USPS directly from our home office in Meridian, MS.
    12. New South Radio reserves the right to change our contest rules at any time without notice.
    13. ​Winners may win only once every thirty-days on any of the New South Radio, Inc. stations including WJKK, WYOY, WUSJ, WHJT, WHJT-HD2, and/or WIIN. Should a household win more than once in a thirty-day period, and/or on more than one New South Radio, Inc. station, all prizes, etc. won after the first prize or station will be forfeited.
    14. Participants and winners agree to release and hold harmless New South Radio, Inc. (dba Digio Strategies and the related radio stations), its owners, officers, employees, sponsors, affiliates, successors, and assignors for any claims, injuries, losses, or expenses related to participating in any contest, winning a contest, or from the use of any prize in any contest.
    15. Owners and employees of New South Radio, Inc., not owners nor employees of affiliates of New South Radio, Inc., nor owners nor employees of contest sponsors, not any of the immediate families nor household members of these persons are allowed to participate or win any New South Radio, Inc. contest.
    16. The 30-day rule above is extended to 90 days for prizes valued at $600 or more on any New South Radio, Inc. station.